Copenhagen Sign Painting Workshop

2 Days of basic Hand Lettering, Sign Painting and Brush Lettering with Copenhagen Signs

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Location: COPENHAGEN SIGNS Rentemestervej 62, 2400 København Nv.

2 days from 10 am - 6 pm, with an hour of lunch break.

We will serve sandwiches, fruit, drinks, coffee & tea.


Sign painting and lettering workshop - All included: DKK 2.500 or € 340 

20% discount for students, seniors and internationals

Write an email to for booking and further details.

The workshops are in English!




3-8 September - TIPO BRDA Sign Painting workshop in Slovenia

29-30 September - Copenhagen Signs in NOKIAFinland

11-14 October - Copenhagen Signs at Torino Graphic Days, Italy

October - Berkeley - California TBA



Sign painting workshop with Jakob Engberg - Founder of Copenhagen Signs

In this workshop you will get an introduction to basic hand lettering, brush lettering and sign painting. You will learn how to create letters from the bottom, how to use a brush and how to design your own personal layout to paint. 

The class will start with a presentation on sign painting and hand lettering. You will get examples on where to use the different styles and techniques. 

With a pencil and a ruler, we start with basic block lettering and the option of adding various details, such as shadows, effects, serifs and curves to the letterforms. Based on your personal level, I will teach you how to make lettering fun and interesting. Both to paint and to look at! 

I will then give you an introduction to the brush and the mahl stick, and show you how to paint letters and how to do casual and script lettering. This will give you an insight in how the brush shapes the letters. You can combine the different styles to make a dynamic lay out.

After practicing lettering with both the pencil and the brush, we will create a lay out to paint. You get to choose the words and I will guide you design and paint a paper sign, that you can bring home.

We will also talk about the different tools for sign painting, brush maintenance, enamel paint and how to use the pouncing technique to transfer your sketches onto other surfaces.

The workshop is suitable for both beginners and for those who want to improve their skills. All the tools and materials are included, but wear clothes for painting! 


Always hand painted, keeping the craft alive!

Jakob Engberg  (36) - founder of Copenhagen Signs has a background as a graphic designer and has through the years been working with printing, street art, photography and painting, among other fields of creative work, before finishing his apprenticeship as a sign maker in 2015, graduating with a medal.

After a time of working with contemporary sign techniques as wells as screen printing, gold leaf and hand painted signs for highly renowned sign companies, he later chose to put all his focus on traditional hand painted signs.

He is now the only full time sign painter in Denmark, working under the name Copenhagen Signs with sign painting, hand lettering and graphic design. His lettering works is featured in the new book by Victionary "Hand Style Lettering".

With a great knowledge in digital design and sign making techniques, he recognizes and value the advantages and quality of hand painted signs, and is working towards maintaining the craft of sign painting in Denmark.

Besides his daily work as a traditional sign painter he is teaching lettering workshops around the world, and also giving speaks about sign painting at Typography and Graphic Design Festivals .

Jakob is currently working on a photo book about Signs of Denmark, published spring 2018.